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Janet Gordon is a poet , writer and the  Author of a new poetry book.  “I SEE YOU GIRL” Janet has been a lifelong writer and first began creating concert for her friends in her neighborhood when she was 12 years old. Janet is Jamaican living in Toronto Canada with her husband Danny they have been married for over 20 years. Janet is funny, outgoing, excellent storyteller, and love hanging out with her friends. Janet has been hosting prayer on conference line for 11 years she love sewing  and cooking  for her friends and family.

In 2008 Janet closed her business  which was called Janette Fabrics and a tailoring shop  on one of  Toronto trendy street Queen Street to focus on her writing full time. She has since published 3 books in 2016 she published Love Letters To the  King a combination of poetry and prayers. followed by Prayers To Blessings.

Janet is Chaplin, Community Services Worker, she facilitator many event for women. She available for speaking engagements,

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I am a writer and a blogger, feel free to read the whole story. .

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TRAP BY FEAR. I heard you knocking at my door of life,
but I was too afraid to get up, to let you in I am too afraid of the unknown and the unseen I am so afraid of what you will be coming in with You waited patiently for me as usual at the door,
to see if this time I would get up and open the door, I walk toward the door, I didn't have the courage or the strength to turn the door nob, I have been a victim of fear and hopeless taught for so long Eventually, I heard your footsteps fading away I am alone again grips by fear; I must get up and go where? I must get out and go where? Why didn’t I respond when the light was knocking at my door? Why didn’t I take the help when it was offering to me? I am always overthinking everything, allowing my taught to carried me away I am unlocking the door and taking steps forward, so when the light comes back, I will be closer to the door. What if the light never comes back? or what if I got lost following the light? I must start living my life and dream again, I have been oppressed by fear for too long, walking toward the window inviting the light to fill my life and my mind, goodbye to the fog in my head and hello to the light in my eyes again.

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I blog about my life, my experiences , fashion, my poems and my love for writing.